River cruising offers ever-changing landscapes and scenery; smooth sailing with no seasickness; and walk-right-off-the- ship-into-town access to the history, character and cultures along the banks. To truly discover the nature of a land and its people, there’s no better means than traveling by river
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Alaskan Expedition (12 days)

Oh, the things you’ll see in Alaska. There is the wildlife--brown bears, bald eagles, sea lions and the largest concentration of orcas in the world. The landscapes are sure to leave you in awe, from fjords to glaciers to mountains and evergreen forests. Your experience on this cruise will bring you all of this, as well as a glimpse of gold-rush era history and First Nation traditions.


From the bone-dry Atacama Desert to the fjordlands of Chile, South America is dazzling, panoramas made even more magical when shared with just a few hundred guests. Silver shadow’s magnificent circumnavigation captures the pure essence of these colourful lands. There are natural wonders in countless forms: the man-made marvel of the Panama Canal, the stunning Lake District with its snow-capped volcanos, Iguaçu falls, the largest series of waterfalls on the planet. Cosmopolitan cities pulsate with a rhythmic beat. Spend an evening in Buenos Aires absorbed in the sultry pirouettes of the tango. While the sounds of the samba rings out from every corner of Rio — especially during the jubilation of Carnival. And if you love to study the past, Peru contains some of the world’s greatest archaeological sites from sky-high Machu Picchu to the pre-Columbian ruins of Chan Chan. This winter we invite you to summer in South America. Listen to the roar of a calving glacier in Laguna San Rafael. Stop off in the Falkland’s to admire rookeries of strutting penguins. Discover the stunning Andean capital of Quito, the enchanted world of the Galapagos, the grandeur of Torres del Paine National Park… grander still with Silversea.

Cruising the world

World Cruises (115 days) Most travellers’ lifelong dream is a world cruise. Especially one that crosses both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and makes an entire circle around the planet. It is this that distinguishes Silversea’s 2015 World Cruise.The itinerary is simply astonishing — 50 ports in 30 countries including the jewels of French Polynesia, the orangutans of Borneo, the Buddhas of Borobudur, Vietnam and the great cities of Asia, both east and west coasts of Africa … an array of far-flung cultures and world wonders that is truly breathtaking in scope. And it does it by completely circumnavigating the globe. We invite you to embark next January for a luxury cruise aboard Silver Whisper as she sails west toward the setting sun from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale, from Polynesia to New Zealand and Australia, from Bali and Borneo to China and Southeast Asia, and across the Indian Ocean to the most mysterious continent of all — Africa, where it all began. In 115 days you’ll discover some of the most exotic places on the planet on this world cruise. Volcanic islands thrusting out of the sea. Sculptural dunes of a coastal desert. Gilded pagodas and African gamelands. The stuff that dreams are made of.
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