Egypt - From the clamour of its bazaars to the monumental elegance of the Pyramids, Egypt has been attracting travellers since classical times. Our specialists know the country from Alexandria to Abu Simbel, and can tailor-make an itinerary to show the country at its perfect best. Do you have a bucket list that includes that trip of a lifetime? Tell us what you want and we’ll get right on it...
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Maybe you’ve done all the site seeing and sunbathing trips and now want a fast paced adrenalin filled trip that will take you to the edge and beyond. Tell what level of pumped up adrenalin kind of trip you want and let our designers get to work.


From disneyland to water theme parks or for educational trips for all the family let us design the fun. Finding the right accommodation for a family can be tricky. We have the expertise and contacts to ensure you and your family are comfortable, safe and above all have the style of living you wish and the peace of mind knowing that every eventuality has been taken care of.


Let us design that couples adventure you really want to have. Whether its activities, romance or to see the worlds greatest wonders we can organise your adventure and make it one you truly wont forget.


For those looking for something more adventurous, we have a whole range of thrill seeking holidays to be discovered by you. Our adventure designed experiences are supported by only the best local guides. These Experiences are exciting, diverse and unique for all ages. We'll ensure you have constant contact throughout your trip and receive helpful advice and expertise to provide you with an enriching  holiday you'll never forget!
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